The art of applying make-up goes back at least 6000 years. Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs would employ specially trained servants to apply cosmetics in order to make them appear more like the gods.

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Recent decades have seen an increase in the demand for skilled make-up artists to work with models, actors/actresses, politicians, theatre productions, and for television and movies. A make-up artist is usually a member of a team including the hairdresser and wardrobe specialist. As part of this team, the make-up artist works to transform the performer into the character.

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For every woman out there who feels the need to essentially dip their face in concealer and scribble lipstick on their pouty mouths, there is an artist who sees beauty where you see plainness, and seeks to transform the seemingly mundane into their own extraordinary creative vision. Mifa challenges you to not only see the beauty in yourself but the beauty that could be, and to see it in others as well