About MIFA

Mifa's History

Beginnings: Mifa started at a local beauty store, Her affinity with makeup and beauty started with her making up friends and family.
Step by Step

Continueing her passion from her house she got more and more people coming over. This asked for a seperate studio: Mifa's Studio
The Studio
Makeup studio beauty workshops

Destinations: And so it came about with Mifa running her own makeup and beauty center: Mifa's Studio.
About Mifa's Studio

Beauty and makeup are the origins of Mifa's Passion.
With ambition and passion she gave shape to her dream: running her own beauty studio. And so it was that Mifa's Studio was born. With her younger sister Kalai, Mifa runs her studio where you can style your hair or give yourself a makeup treatment. Getting a complete makeover is also possible with hair and makeup and some tips in fashion to make you shine!

Also for magazines, photoshoots, videoclips and weddings or special occasions/events you can get the quality and style of Mifa's makeup art.
Mifa has worked with several brands and celebreties, from singers, fashion designers, photographers to models and athletes. Have something special in mind? Feel free to ask, as Mifa has an extended network of talent that reaches to master photographers and other high-end makeup artists.

Want to learn some basic makeup skills and get to know the world of makeup art and beauty? With Mifa's special VIP Workshops you can get yourself up to date with the newest techniques and some good tips and tricks to give yourself a basic understanding of the world of Mifa. A world where hard work, ambition, drive, fashion and beauty are at the essense of Mifa's Studio!

We hope to see you soon at Mifa's Studio!

Mifa's Team
    Owner, Senior Makeup artist, hairstylist, beauty coach

    Mifa is the founder of Mifa's Studio. Blazing fast skills, mixed together with high-end results, are topping off one of the many talents she has. Also as a beauty coach she offers her personal vip workshops or presentations.

  • Kalai Inez Mellado Valdes
    Studio manager, makeup artist, hairstylist, beauty assistant.

    Kalai is Mifa's talented sister and assists in the daily operations of Mifa's Studio. She is a profound makeup artist and hairstylist who delivers the quality Mifa's Studio is known for.

    The location where Mifa's clients, guests and classes are received

    One very important team member is Mifa's Studio itself. This is the space where all guests, clients, classes and guests are received. The coffee is ready!

  • YOU
    Yes, you

    Whatever YOU have in mind. If you feel you need one of Mifa's services please feel free to get in touch. We are a very positive and flexible company and we like to give our full devotion and attention to the people we work with.